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MAY 4 & 5, 2024
11am - 4pm

See demos box.png
Take a behind-the-scenes look at Needham's community of award-winning visual artists.

Michael Bogdanow - Pillars
David Berman - Peabody
Alan Blair
Steven Branfman - Raku Vessel
Paula Pitman Brown - Girls, Swings and Mourning Doves
Stephen Brown - New Harbor, Four AM
Hilary Hanson Bruel - Evening Sun
Berline Lee Chao - Octagon - Chrysanthemum, Pink
Amy Cicala - Moon Rising
Jay Cohen Photography - Frog Pond Silhouette
Donna DeMaria
Lyuba Filatova
Audrey Markoff Dunn
Ronnie & Amos Eisenberg - Cups
Gail Fisher - Lupine's
Olga Geyyer - Glowing From Within
Sally Goldfarb
Svetlana Grinshpan - Deir Sultan, The Old City
Gail Hansen - No, Go Here
ilene Hoffman - Bald Eagle We See At Rosemary Lake with Offspring
John Lechner - The Mysterious Island
Local Color Jewelry - Viking Knit Bracelets
Irina Moroz - Zygote
Christine Moynihan
Liz Bailey Nania - We Go High
Needham Furniture Makers - Round Rotating Top Walnut Coffee Table
North Hill & Wellspring Galleries - Gossamer Wings
Anne E.G. Nydam - A Tree Made of Night
Rob Ondo - Wellfleet
Plugged In Band Program
The Potters Shop & School
Corinne Rhode Photography - Multi Buoy
Mark J. Richards - Angels Wing Bench
Gail Sillman - Ceramic Pitcher
Judy Silverstein - Hanging by the Sea
Tova Speter - Spring
Judith Stein - Eucalyptus in Blue
Sarah K. Whitlock - Spotted Raku Cat
Naomi Wilsey Art - Soft Landing
An annual non-juried event open to all artists, performers, and craftspeople living and/or working in Needham.
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