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North Hill Gallery and Wellspring Gallery



865 Central Avenue

North Hill Gallery & Wellspring Gallery


Instagram:  @northhillneedham

Facebook:  North Hill


Abstract, Acrylic Paint, Drawing, Fabric, Fiber, Gouache, Landscape, Pastel, Pencil, Photography, Portrait, Printmaking, Watercolor, Wood, Yarn

North Hill Gallery:  Mixit Print Studio - Hand pulled prints

Wellspring Gallery:  North Hill Residents and Needham High School Artists 

The North Hill Campus is alive with art! Join us to see the group show of fine art prints created at Mixit Print Studio in the North Hill Gallery. In the lower level Creative Arts Center we have art work by residents, staff and Needham High School students . Join us in the studio to see print making demonstrations.

Click on the featured artwork image for more info on the artwork.

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