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Michael Bogdanow



31 Thorpe Road

Gorse Mill Studios #L-108


Instagram:  @mbbog

Facebook:  Michael Bogdanow


Acrylic Paint, Mixed Media, Printmaking, Sculpture

In the ‘70s and ‘80s, I majored in studio art at Brandeis, received an MFA in Painting and Sculpture from Columbia, and then a law degree from Harvard. For nearly forty years I have maintained careers in art and law, written two books, and performed music throughout the country. All of those pursuits have a common denominator: communication. Whether the medium is paint, wood, clay, stone chips, beads, musical sounds, or words, my goal is always the same: reach the viewer or listener, engage, move, and inspire them, make them think and feel, and expose them to something new. My themes stretch across dance, music, life, love, dreams, the universe, Judaica, and more. 

The artworks are included in institutional and private collections, and reproduced on the covers of numerous books and recordings. The acrylic on canvas paintings are also available as limited edition reproductions. At this point of my life, I spend much of my time in my studio in Gorse Mill Art Studios in Needham. I’ve returned to my original roots and training in sculpture, using semi-precious stone chips and wood, as well as integrating sculpture and painting. Some of my newest pieces are motorized, which goes well with the recurring themes of music and dance.

Click on the featured artwork image for more info on the artwork.

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