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State Legislators Visit NOS - Sunday, May 5

On Sunday, May 5th at 11am, State Senator Becca Rausch will visit artists who are exhibiting at the Sunita Williams Elementary School. She will be hosted by Anne Nydam from NOS.

Representative Denise Garlick has confirmed that she will visit Needham Open Studios as well. She will visit Naomi Wilsey’s studio (28 Maple Street) to see Naomi and Gail Hansen at 11:00 a.m. on Sunday, May 5th and then she will continue on to visit artists at North Hill.

Needham Open Studios is grateful for their efforts in helping us secure the Mass Cultural Center grant. We hope that while they are here, they will not only get to meet a lot of Needham artists, but a lot of our interested residents as well!

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