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Irina Moroz


858 Great Plain Avenue

First Baptist Church

Irina is a Russian-American visual artist currently based in Needham, MA. Her primary interest belongs to the art of felting. She works with wool, silk, and other fibers that can bond with wool during the felting process. Wool gives Irina infinite possibilities to create garments, accessories, home décor, wool jewelry, figures, paintings, wall hangings, and 3D objects. Making jewelry with Swarovski crystals, Murano glass, and gemstones is another area of her creative journey. Irina specializes in Boho and Victorian-style jewelry. Being a non-stop seeker of new horizons in creativity, Irina has recently begun to learn art doll making. Member of the Northeast Feltmakers Guild (NEFG) Member of International Feltmakers Association (IFA) .

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