Gallery of Covid Art

With all that’s been happening during the past six months (not only the Covid pandemic, but also environmental catastrophes, a fresh urgency in the social justice movement, and more) art offers a unique way to respond.  Whether capturing and expressing emotions, or offering beauty and hope, art can have a special role to play, and we want to share that with our community.  See some of the work our artists have made in response to these strange and difficult times.  We hope it touches, inspires and uplifts.

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Anne E.G. Nydam

"I felt the need to reassert a vision of connectedness even as we need to stay physically distant. Share the love now more than ever!" - Anne Nydam

"Trying to reclaim some joy." - Anne Nydam

"This was made for Tova Speter's community art project "Chains of Positive Energy" and was in response to a prompt about "comfort" to help us cope." - Anne Nydam

Naomi Wilsey

"Grateful that I am an artist, I've been painting more than ever during this pandemic. In the past, we traveled often so painting has been a way to escape and take a creative journey. This watercolor, "Koi Pond, Kyoto" is based on a photo I took on our last trip to Japan. It's a reminder of a different time and of a peaceful place." - Naomi Wilsey

John Lechner

"This drawing was made as part of an art chain organized by Tova Speter, in which each artist reacts to what the previous artist did. You can learn more about the project and see some of the complete chains at the website Chains Of Positive Energy (C.O.P.E.) " - John Lechner

"This art was inspired by Incredible Creatures Week, an Instagram art challenge this summer, which included five prompts over five days. The prompt that inspired this image was Mythical Creatures. See more from artists around the world here." - John Lechner

"This art was inspired by Incredible Creatures Week, an Instagram art challenge this summer, which included five prompts over five days. The prompt that inspired this image was Insects. See more from artists around the world here."

- John Lechner

Gail Hansen


"I decided to tackle the virus itself by trying to capture its haywire projectory." - Gail Hansen

 Laura Palmer Edwards


"Inspiration is obvious to me as a black woman - as a country we are in deep s***! Polarized politics. We disregard black and brown lives in EVERY systemic way. White denial, guilt, and fear keep us all from evolving... progressing. But thankful for the woke among us." - Laura Palmer Edwards

Daniel Callahan

"These are scenes where I try to capture the special feelings and hidden mysteries that are found in nature. During COVID, I have felt a need for a greater connection with nature. Maybe I was drawn to feel and express the life force of the seas.”

- Daniel Callahan 

Eddie Bruckner - New York City Rockefeller Center Flag Project

Eddie Bruckner's artwork was selected by Rockefeller Center for its public flag art installation in New York City. The international design challenge asked artists to design flags that represent any aspect of New York's diverse culture. Only 193 flag designs out of 1,400 entries were selected. The flags were exhibited August 1-23, 2020 around the Rockefeller Center's famous ice rink and restaurant plaza, supplanting the flags of the members of the United Nations.

"My flag design is based on an original acrylic on canvas painting titled, "Liberty" of the Statue of Liberty holding her torch high and proud, against a blue mosaic-like sky. In many ways the illusion of mosaic tile (it's all paint) represents the melting pot of people, cultures, immigrants, who arrived in NYC in the past as well as those who call New York City home today. I'm honored to be a part of this project alongside so many talented artists; a project that brings a little bit of happiness and joy during the Covid-19 pandemic. The Flag Project helps usher in a new era of togetherness and human connection amidst a difficult time." - Eddie Bruckner

Judith Stein

"Spacious by the Sea

(24"x 24") is an acrylic painting that was created

at the beginning of the pandemic. Although my intent was to express my joyous and spacious feelings that I experience when I am at the ocean (my refuge at times of stress), I later noticed that the painting contains squiggly lines and rough surfaces that likely reflect the anxiety and vulnerability that I was feeling at the time." - Judith Stein

"Hope (12” x 12”) is an oil and cold wax painting that was completed in early July when the number of covid cases began to decline, especially in Massachusetts. The bright colors and a few more solid shapes reflect my hopefulness and relief that conditions were improving and that we could begin to experience the pleasures of summer." - Judith Stein

"Longing for Sacred Places Abroad (16” x 16”). This is a mixed media piece that includes oil and cold wax as well as collage, pastel, and charcoal.  Although this began as an exploration of shapes, the colors and arches evoke memories of my travels to Europe and Israel." - Judith Stein

"Hidden Gems (10” x 8”) and Fissures (12” x 12”) were part of a series that I worked on in May and June, focusing on my fascination with stones, cliffs, and rock formations. I am intrigued by the geological history, remnants of past civilizations, and organisms that are embedded in the stone.  Though my intent was to represent the beauty and mystery of rocks, I wonder if my focus on cracks and fissures reflected my fears and feelings of fragility as well as my curiosity and awe." - Judith Stein