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Svetlana Grinshpan



464 Hillside Avenue, Suite 303



To Jerusalem and Beyond A Photographic Journey A year-long journey to capture the complexity and the beauty of one land, a land full of history, culture and controversy. To Jerusalem and Beyond - A Photographic Journey shares a visual story of the people we’ve met, the stories we’ve heard and the experiences we’ve had. Through a carefully curated set of images, we hope to create a narrative that evokes emotions, unveils what’s hidden, and sparks a dialogue. Whether visiting a Jahalin Bedouin Tribe in East Jerusalem, Ein Gedi waterfalls, Acco, At-Tuwani’s cave in the South Hebron Hills, the Hula Valley or Jaffa/Tel Aviv - this photo essay is a collection of images that depicts the Faces and Places of this contested land.

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