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North Hill and Wellspring Galleries

Laurie Kaplowitz



865 Central Avenue

North Hill Gallery & Wellspring Gallery



Acrylic Paint, Collage, Drawing, Mixed Media, Paper, Pastel, Photography, Portrait, Sculpture, Watercolor

The Art of Laurie Kaplowitz, Neo-Cambrian Period, North Hill Gallery Resident & Staff work, Wellspring Gallery 

The Art of Laurie Kaplowitz from her Neo-Cambrian Period

The artist describes "Neo-Cambrian Period" as a neologism and play of words on the Cambrian Explosion which set forth the evolutionary burst of life forms that we know today. “This body of work is all about rebirth, regeneration, and new hybrid life forms.” Her work has been exhibited extensively in prominent galleries and museums across the US. The current Wellspring gallery show in the Creative Arts Center, features a wide variety of work by North Hill Residents and Staff.

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